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By the Skins of Their Teeth | Sports & Recreation

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By the Skins of Their Teeth
By the Skins of Their Teeth

Optimism is defined as taking a favorable view of events and expecting the most favorable outcome. The Redskins past three seasons can clearly be viewed as optimistic without the results panning out on the playing field. After the highly coveted off season acquisitions of Albert Haynesworth and soon thereafter Donovan Mcnabb, the overpaid and underperforming Washington Redskins roster turned in a measly 6-10 record, good for last place in the NFC East.

Barring a lengthy lockout the Washington Redskins will go into the 2011-2012 football season with a team that is again experiencing a complete facelift, and after viewing this year NFL Draft,  focusing on bringing in a lot of hardworking, high-character guys. This is clearly the best option for them after putting up with off-the-field head cases, such as Champ Bailey and Albert Haynesworth,  especially since these guys have not translated to any success in the playoffs over the past decade.

Although Mike Shannahan's hardnosed coaching style may rub some players the wrong way these guys have to realize the dedication and work it takes to build a championship team, or playoff team for that matter. Simply put, when you don’t do your job you lose your job and there is always somebody waiting on an opportunity to take it from you.

When the lockout is lifted hopefully Dan Snyder doesn’t wither his money away on past their prime players who were at one time pro bowl athletes centuries ago. At this point the Redskins need depth, maturity, and most importantly leadership.

If the grace of God beams down on the Redskins this year they will somehow win the Super Bowl and end up drafting Andrew Luck, the most highly rated quarterback since Peyton Manning.  But until then, a division win would be nice.